A Walking Tour with the Ghosts of Malacca, Malaysia

Map of Malaysia with Malacca highlighted

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The Stadhuys on Dutch Square - Chmouel
The Stadhuys on Dutch Square –Chmouel
An introduction to the mysterious past of Malaysia’s wildest city, where sultans ruled the seas and pirates still hideout from Interpol.

There is nowhere better on Earth to experience Malaysia’s mash-up of three worlds: European, East Asian and Muslim history swirl and solidify into living ghosts on the cobblestone jungle streets of Malacca.

From Kuala Lumpur, it’s two hours by bus – a hot, crowded, rough ride with Japanese pop music blaring on a fuzzy radio. You’ll be ready to unpack your legs and forget the modern world when you hit town.

Read more at Suite101: A Walking Tour with the Ghosts of Malacca, Malaysia | Suite101.com http://mark-tweedy.suite101.com/a-walking-tour-with-the-ghosts-of-malacca-malaysia-a374543#ixzz1ZcrI4SUm



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2 responses to “A Walking Tour with the Ghosts of Malacca, Malaysia

  1. Hi Marcus, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I clicked through to read this article on Malacca, and really enjoyed. Not spent much time there myself, but the names are, of course, familiar. I’m from Ipoh, a 2-hour drive north of KL. A nice, cozy little city nestled in the green Kinta Valley, and surrounded by rolling hills. Have you been there? You should. The biggest attraction is the food. People are known to journey from as far as Singapore to sample the famous Ipoh Hor Fun–flat rice noodles in a chicken and prawn broth. Miss the food from home, but luckily I live near a Malaysian cafe here in London which is pretty authentic! 🙂

    I look forward to reading about your other travels!

    • Thank you, J.C.! I’m honored you came by. Wow, only 5 months now until your book is released! I stopped in Ipoh very briefly on a bus to Pinang. I was blown away by some Char kuey teow from a street vendor — 100 times better than any restaurant food. I practically lived on Nasi Lemak for 6 months.
      We’ve got the Banana Leaf in Philly, but it’s a far cry from Ipoh!

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